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Beffy Ultra Thin Oral Pleasure Dams 2 Pieces


Beffy licking cloths are specially designed for clean and safe oral sex of the vagina and anal area.The wipes are odourless and tasteless and provide if properly used, protection against sexually tran..


Extended Pleasure Regular Fit Condoms 12 Pack


Durex Extended Pleasure condoms contain a special lube called Benzocaine inside the condom which helps the man to delay climax and prolong excitement for longer-lasting sex.Pack of 12 condoms...


Mutual Climax Regular Fit Condoms 12 Pack


Ribs and Dots are designed to speed her up, with Performa lubricant to slow him down.Durex Mutual Climax condoms are designed for an intense experience for you, helping towards the mutual climax.The c..

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