Clitoral Stimulators

Experience mind-blowing pleasure like never before with our exquisite collection of clitoral stimulators. Designed to deliver intense vibrations directly to your most sensitive erogenous zone, these sleek and stylish toys will transport you to new heights of ecstasy. Discover the ultimate pleasure and indulge in unforgettable sensations with our range of clitoral stimulators.

Toy Joy

Animal Crackers Funny Bunny Vibrator


Spend hours and hours of sexy fun having an orgasmic thrill with this sensational stimulator by Animal Crackers!The erotic Animal Cracker's Funny Bunny is a gorgeous, passionate pink-colored, 5-inch m..

Love To Love

Believer Clitoral Vibrator


Believer will give you wings to dare, experiment, and fully live breathtaking experiences alone or with a loved one. Featuring an exclusive Flapping design, the symbiosis between the body and the Beli..

Doc Johnson

Body Bling Bliss Rechargeable Mini Clit Vibe


Add some bling to your bedroom with the Body Bling Bliss in SECONDSKYN, an amazingly soft, flexible silicone that warms to the touch and molds your most sensitive areas. This jeweled mini vibrator is ..

Doc Johnson

Body Bling Breathless Rechargeable Clitoral Vibrator


Add some bling to your bedroom with the Body Bling Breathless in SECONDSKYN, an amazingly soft, flexible silicone that warms to the touch and molds your most sensitive areas. The flexible bunny ears s..

Adrien Lastic

Caress Revolutionary Clitoral Stimulator



Rotator with vibration Caress Adrien Lastic (+ 5 heads)Caress is a female intimate stimulator for the clitoris and nipples. He combines incredible tenderness and intense pressure.Choose one of 5 inter..


Cliona Interactive Clitoral Massager


Dive to the deepest parts of your pleasure with this powerful, waterproof, pocket-sized clit massager. Play with your lover or interactive erotic content, and let Cliona take your breath away.Cliona b..


Club Vibe 3.OH Clitoral Vibrator


Get your vibe on and groove to the Music. Our new Club Vibe 3. OH is a discreet wearable panty vibrator designed to please wherever the mood strikes. Quiet and lightweight, the slimline vibe features ..

Rocks Off

Cocktail Remote Control Couples Vibe Purple


Designed for ultimate shared satisfaction, Cocktail is a powerful dual-motored couple's toy crafted to pleasure the anus and vagina while stimulating the penis during sex.Close your eyes as the sensor..


COLT Muscle Nips Pump


Amplify your pleasure with the COLT Muscle Nips Pump, designed to provide intense suction action for an unforgettable experience. These heavy-duty cylinders are perfect for those who want to enhance s..


Copper Love Breeze Clitoral Massager


The handy shape of the Satisfyer Love Breeze makes it the ideal air-pulse vibrator for on the go. With a sensual combination of air pulses and negative tingling pressure, this vibrator stimulates the ..


Curvy 1 Plus Rose Red


Our Curvy 1 Plus pleasures the clitoris with a balance of air-pulse stimulation and intense vibrations. Additionally, its ergonomic rounded body perfectly contours to treat your most intimate parts.Th..


Curvy 2 Plus Clitoral Massager Pink


The Satisfyer Curvy 2 plus is a pressure wave vibrator that gently surrounds your clitoris with its soft silicone head and catapults you to breathtaking climaxes with no-contact pressure wave stimulat..

NS Novelties

Desire Tresor Clitoral Vibe


A pulsating air technology housed in an ergonomic, easy-to-hold design, Tresor by Desire delivers gentle waves of pleasure. Rechargeable, water resistant and compatible with all lubricants. 3 speed pl..

Nasswalk Toys

Devine Vibes Dual Wand Climaxer


36 FunctionsDual motorsBody-safe siliconeRotation beadsRoHS CompliantPhthalates freeWaterproofMaterials, Shaft Silicone, Base ABSRechargeableCharging Time 60 minutesWorking Time 90 minutes..


Dot Elliptical Clitoral Stimulator Pink


Lelo Dot is an elliptical clitoral stimulator that uses Infinite Loop Technology to introduce a revolutionary movement, oscillation, in a figure-eight motion in a constant rhythm. It's ideal for those..


Double Play Vibrating Egg And Clitoral Stimulator


The Double Play Vibrating Egg And Clitoral Stimulator is a versatile and discreet pleasure tool designed for personalised, intimate experiences. Key featuresMulti-speed personal massager: The petite m..

Hott Products

Dragonfly Fanstasy Clitoral Strap On Massager


Float your lover down the river of Erotic Bliss with the "Erotic Water garden" series of Intimate Strap on play pals. Each one is specifically designed to stimulate your most Intimate Regions, promoti..


Dual Love Clitoral Massager Red


With the Dual Love air-pulse vibrator, you enjoy a sensual combination of stimulating pressure waves and powerful vibrations that seductively pampers your clitoris or G-spot. Since you can use both si..


Dual Pleasure App Enabled


The Dual Pleasure, made of body-friendly silicone, can stimulate both the clitoris and the G-Spot. The device combines pulsating pressure waves with a vibrating, ergonomic shaft and can be easily cont..


Dual Stim Vario Clit Stimulator


The Bodywand Dual Stim Vario Clit Stimulator is a double-ended vibrator that provides the best of both worlds, making it perfect for anyone looking for double the pleasure. The Dual Stim Vario has a P..


Eden Climaxer Silicone Clitoral Vibe Waterproof 6.25 Inch


The Eden Climaxer Silicone Clitoral Vibe is an elegantly designed, waterproof sex toy that provides ultimate pleasure and satisfaction.Key featuresWaterproof design: The Eden Climaxer Silicone Clitora..


Edeny App Controlled Clitoral Stimulator


Experience the mix between lust and luxury with Edeny, the newest app-controlled clitoral stimulator. Whether you're in a long-distance relationship or looking for some extra fun in a solo session, th..

Magic Motion

Eidolon Wearable Vibrator


Two motors can stimulate the C and G spots separately or simultaneously. Experience different kinds of orgasms. Magic Eidolon is specially designed for lovers who like to adventure their love experien..

Blush Novelties

Elora Pink Triple Stimulation Vibe


Elora is a beautiful way to explore triple stimulation while enjoying self-pleasure or partnered play. You will find the ultimate pleasure from three different enclosed, stimulation points one in each..

Blush Novelties

Evelyn Powerful Dual Stimulator Vibe


Say Hello to Evelyn! This sleek and powerful rabbit vibrator is gonna give you all the love tonight. Powered by Rumbletech, Evelyn has 10 vibrating modes with 4 speeds and 6 unique patterns to choose ..

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FAQ about the category Clitoral Stimulators

Pros and Cons of Clitoral Stimulators

Clitoral stimulators are powerful pleasure devices designed to provide exquisite stimulation to the clitoris. Let's explore the pros and cons of using clitoral stimulators:


  1. Intense Stimulation: Clitoral stimulators offer targeted and intense stimulation directly to the clitoris, the key to mind-blowing orgasms for many women. With their specialised designs, they can provide sensations that may be difficult to achieve through manual stimulation alone.
  2. Versatility: Clitoral stimulators come in various shapes, sizes, and functionalities, offering multiple options to suit different preferences. Whether you prefer vibrations, pulsations, suction, or a combination of sensations, a clitoral stimulator matches your desires.
  3. Enhanced Pleasure during Solo or Partnered Play: Clitoral stimulators are equally enjoyable for solo or partnered activities. They can be used to enhance arousal during foreplay or incorporated into intercourse for added stimulation and heightened pleasure for both partners.
  4. Hands-Free Pleasure: Many clitoral stimulators are designed to be hands-free, allowing you to explore other erogenous zones or engage in other pleasurable activities simultaneously. This versatility adds an extra dimension of pleasure and convenience.


  1. Personal Preference: Not every clitoral stimulator will work for everyone. Finding the right shape, size, and type of stimulation may require some experimentation. Exploring different options is essential to discover what works best for you and your unique preferences.
  2. Noise Level: Some clitoral stimulators, especially those with more powerful motors, may produce a noticeable noise. If discretion is a concern, consider quieter models or use them privately.
  3. Power Source: Clitoral stimulators may be battery-operated or rechargeable. Battery-powered models may require frequent changes, while rechargeable ones must be charged before use. Consider your preference for convenience and accessibility when choosing the power source.

Who Should Try Clitoral Stimulators

Clitoral stimulators are an excellent addition to any pleasure arsenal, and they can be enjoyed by various individuals seeking heightened sexual experiences. Here are some groups of people who can benefit from exploring the world of clitoral stimulators:

  • Women Seeking Intense Clitoral Stimulation: If you desire intense sensations directly on your clitoris and want to experience new levels of pleasure, clitoral stimulators are tailor-made. They offer targeted and powerful stimulation that can lead to mind-blowing orgasms.
  • Couples Looking to Enhance Partnered Activities: Clitoral stimulators can be a game-changer for couples seeking to spice up their sex life. By incorporating a clitoral stimulator during foreplay or intercourse, you can provide additional clitoral stimulation, resulting in heightened pleasure and intensified orgasms for both partners.
  • Individuals with Difficulty Achieving Orgasm: For those who struggle to reach climax through manual stimulation alone, clitoral stimulators can provide the extra sensations needed to enhance orgasmic experiences. By directly targeting the clitoris with various intensities and patterns, these stimulators can unlock new pathways to pleasure.
  • Beginners Exploring Pleasure Toys: If you are new to pleasure toys and curious about exploring different forms of stimulation, clitoral stimulators are an ideal starting point. Their user-friendly designs, focused on the clitoris, make them approachable and easy to use. They offer an opportunity to discover the incredible pleasure the clitoris can provide.
  • Anyone Wanting to Discover New Pleasure Heights: Whether you're seeking to expand your sexual repertoire or want to explore new sensations, clitoral stimulators can unlock a world of pleasure. By experimenting with different clitoral stimulators, you can discover how your clitoris responds to various forms of stimulation, leading to exciting new experiences and heightened pleasure.

Remember, the clitoris is a powerful source of pleasure, and clitoral stimulators are designed to enhance and amplify those sensations. So, embrace the exploration, discover what excites you, and unlock the full potential of your clitoral pleasure.